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    Something for everyone

    The best package to delight you and your friends non-alcoholic. Our selection of the most delicious summer wines and delicate red wine vinegar, perfect for convivial barbecues.

    Ideal for those who want or need to give up alcohol.

    GOODVINES - sparkling Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot Rosé - are selected gently dealcoholized wines, without the addition of artificial flavors or artificial sugar. A tart pleasure with an average of 20 kcal/100ml - fresh, light and not too sweet.

    For a completely new taste experience, we have developed GUUBII. Here, the sparkling Riesling is refined with a herbal red wine vinegar called RUBYcube. A superlative combination that simply delights.

    RUBYcube can only be produced once a year. Freshly harvested elderflowers and untreated lemons combine perfectly with the vinegar here during the gentle barrel aging process to create a fruity-sweet and delicately acidic treat.

    The wines in detail

    Sparkling Riesling
    A tangy-fresh and authentic wine pleasure, which is versatile, whether pure, on ice or also as a mixer for delicious drinks!

    Sauvignon Blanc
    The varietal aromas of green peppers and freshly mown grass, as well as the mildly fruity yet present acidity, make it an excellent summer wine.

    Merlot Rosé
    A fruity wine with its typical aromas of strawberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, plum and currant pamper the palate of connoisseurs.

    Serving suggestion:
    GOODVINES is best enjoyed chilled! Allow to unfold for five minutes before the first consumption.

    Package content:

    1x Sauvignon Blanc 0,75l
    1x Riesling 0,75l
    4x Riesling 0,33l
    1x Merlot Rosé 0,75l
    1x RubyCube 200 ml (Herb red wine vinegar)